About Us

The number one mission of Girls Glam Studio is to encourage young girls to embrace their inner and outer beauty.

I’ve taken my love for empowering young girls, my sense of creativity and my experience in working with young girls to create high quality, stress free, glitzy & girly parties

Girls Glam Studio is a mobile entertainment company. Our company provides services to make your celebration unique, memorable and GLAMOROUS! Our parties are girly & glitzy, fun & educational and definitely GLAMOROUS! Girls Glam Parties are customized and suited to the liking of your Glamour Girl. While you sit back and relax, the Glam Fairies of Girls Glam Studio will make your celebration one to remember. The birthday/glam girl and her friends will experience hours of pampering and will be treated like the princesses they are!

We aim to have a positive effect on young girls by guiding them to build self love and self confidence; so they are empowered to love who they are and who they will become.



Girls Glam Studio was established to take away the stress in trying to make your party one to remember. Society and times are changing and it’s more difficult for young girls to positively develop mentally, emotionally and socially. Girls Glam Studio aims to empower young girls to embrace who they are while making their celebration one to remember.
  • We bring the Glam to you!
  • We do the running around to save you time and money & take the frustration out of planning
  • Classy & glamorous parties at an affordable price
  • Unique & customized to the liking of your child

She doesn’t have to be a Celebrity to have celeb styled party;

Girls Glam Studio will make her dreams come true!!!